Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again (2012)

by astro man

Michael Kiwanuka is a British Soul Sing who has a distinct voice that gives me chills. His music has encapsulated Bill Withers, Otis Redding, Van Morrison, The Temptations, and Jimi Hendrix. That is just to name a few. Michael Kiwanuka’s album Home Again is musical masterpiece that won the BBC sound of 2012. His dreamy raspy vocals are accompanied by instruments like guitar, saxophone, flute, horns, drums, and organ. The music strides for a acoustic and folk sound. Michael Kiwanuka has captivated at least 101,300 (number of albums sold) people just in the UK.

Mr. Kiwanuka has been more of an international hit reaching all corners of the world. His peak positions on the charts have been quite impressive reaching number 1 in Dutch album charts, 3 on French album charts, 2 on Belgium charts, and number 4 on the UK album chart. That is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to all of these other chart success he has had, but that is not what music is about. Michael Kiwanuka was able to create this atmosphere of warmth and honesty through Home Again. His lyrics are sincere and the music is simple yet elegantly composed. This album is a must listen.

The opening track “Tell Me A Tale” is a beautiful jazz number. It opens up with a fluttering flute that flows into a alluring acoustic melody. His music accompaniment are horns, flute,strings, and the chords used on the guitar. To paraphrase Michael during a concert “I had never written a song like this, so it was exciting when I did and it is now the opening track.”

The next track “I’m Getting Ready” was released as a single. Micheal Kiwanuka created a lovely number with his soulful voice and folk roots. This nice and easy track will be a perfect start to any day. “Any Day Will Do Fine” is a slow ballad that’s a desperate call to a girl who he wants to spend some time with. The strings on this track and throughout the album add a layer of sympathetic depth. Other must listen to tracks are “I’ll Get Along” (sounds like the temptations meet Otis Redding) and “Worry Walks Beside Me.”

It’s 2012 and there is so much music out there to listen to. Some of it very odd, loud, hypnotic, seductive, grungy, electronic and anything else you can think of, but this album is a wonderful listen when you just need to kick back and slow things down. Do yourself a favor and fucking listen to it.