Beck – Morning Phase (2014)

Morning Phase is Beck’s twelfth album. Each album that Beck has released has created it’s own genre within that album. The American musician always finds a way to keep his large fan base interested with unprecedented tunes. Morning Phase continues with the same tone as Sea Change (2002) , creating a “companion piece.”  Many musicians from Sea Change returned to work on Morning Phase. Morning Phase has a very emotional atmosphere when you listen to it using string instruments and intricate harmonies. The orchestration for this album was very well planned out, offering much substance and consistency throughout the album.

Every album that Beck has released have multiple gems to be found. Beck was able to layer his vocals really well throughout this album. The first track “Cycle” is an instrumental with an orchestra growing and setting the tone for the album. “Morning” starts with the strum of an acoustic guitar that lead into chiming notes and Beck singing “Woke up this morning / Found a love in light of a storm / Looked up this morning / Saw the roses full of thorns /Guns are falling /they don’t have nowhere to go / Oceans of diamonds always shine / smooth out below.” These lyrics run deep with what is going on in the world today. Perhaps the downturn of an economy, the wars that surge on, the relationships that fall apart, and the everyday struggles we go through. Maybe all we are looking for is a new morning and a new start to brush ourselves off.

“Say Goodbye” has an echo of a Neil Young style. The beautiful guitar harmonies intertwined scream a folky style that Beck has always fallen back on. A banjo is being plucked and strummed as well that helps with the folky style. “Blue Moon” has swirling guitars that give you a feel as if you are sailing the seas under the night sky. The vocals are layered very well throughout this song harmonizing together nicely. “Country Down” is an ode to the older folk singers out there. Reminiscing with Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Beck adds a harmonica solo while time drifts on with the song.

All the tracks on this album are notable tracks to listen to. I recommend listening to this in a melancholy setting where your thoughts can just drift on. If you haven’t listened to Beck then there is much to listen to. His discography is endless and I promise you that there is something for everyone to find. If you enjoy Morning Phase then listen to Sea Change. Hell, I’ll probably one day do a review on that album as well. Not that it matters because most likely no one will read this.

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